Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Year end Concert

I teach dance as all of you know and we just had our year end concert!! i love teaching dance and being with the cute kids! they all did great!!! i get to teach a special needs class at the studio that we offer for free and they got to preform too what a blessing it is to me that i get to teach them>what joy they have for dance and how greatful their parents are that they get to dance. i wish that every child i teach gets to see how blessed they are that they have a body that will do anything they want it to do that they can run jump and dance!! nut any way here is some pics of them!!

And my girls did amazing as well i love their cute little faces!!

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PJ - Our life said...

I have a cute picture of you and "Blondy" on my blog. If you want to copy it!

when we first started dating