Thursday, April 30, 2009

I miss you EJ

My brother EJ passed away almost 14 years ago! I still miss him every day I still can't believe that he has been gone that long. I always wish that we could go back in time and I could tell him that I love him, but I know he knows that I do. Although i was only ten when he passed I learned so much at a very young age about life. And I guess you can say that I had to grow up kinda fast but as weird as it is i wouldn't change it. Through his passing i have become who i am. dint get me wrong I would give anything to have him here with me and i wish that he was but since he is not I have to look at it in a good way. I have always known since I was ten years old that I had to live my life a certain I wanted to live with him again!

There will always be things that I wish he was here for physically, like i wish he could have met Kevin and my children and seen me do all sorts of things and i wish i could have seen him date and go on a mission and get married! I know that he will on day do all of those things but i do know that he is always with me spiritually. I know that when I got married in the Temple he was there!!! It is his birthday today and i just wanted to write a little note about him and say how much I love and miss my big brother. Although he did pick on me like big brothers do I miss him so much!! Happy birthday EJ i love you
This is my family every year on his birthday we get together and have dinner and have a birthday party for him he is 29 today!!


Deena said...
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Deena said...

Your blog made me cry! Its amazing how much love and support you have for your family. You truly are blessed! And an amazing person. I am so grateful that Madison has had this year to learn from you. She has learned so much and has gaind tons of confidence. Thank you thank you thank you!

Kirie said...

Heidi - I cannot believe it has been 14 years, either! Your family is so really is inspiring to see how your family has dealt with so much over the years but always keep a positive attitude. Tell your family I love them and Happy Birthday EJ!!!

DaNiEl & ShAnDi said...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear EJ
Happy birthday to you!

I commented on Emily's blog and said that I can't believe he's 29...I remember having a birthday party for him when he was 19.

You're such a strong girl Heid. I bet we made him laugh more than once with all the stupid things we use to do. :)

I love you Heidi Fairy Lamb!

Debra Goodey said...

I love this post! I love that you guys get together every year to celebrate EJ's birthday. You guys are an awesome family and I am a better person from having known you guys!

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