Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I know I have been so bad at this! But I have been crazy busy with life! I just had Surgery, and a performance at the flash half time, a competition, and Kevins Birthday! So here are a few pics of everthing that has been going on!!

sweentess got a hold of a ribbon from the competition and thinks she won Gold haha!!

my Micros were amazing i love these cuties!!

Jett is so freaken funny one of kevs b-day cards had a bear on it and thats the face that the bear made and he kept doing it over and over again!!

Sweetnees does this to me everytime i sit on the stairs so crazy!!!

we went skiing i am getting much better haha sort of!!

and Kevin every year at midnight on new years he does his back tuck here it is i wonder how much longer he will be able to do this i guess we will have to see!!!

when we first started dating