Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I know I have been so bad at this! But I have been crazy busy with life! I just had Surgery, and a performance at the flash half time, a competition, and Kevins Birthday! So here are a few pics of everthing that has been going on!!

sweentess got a hold of a ribbon from the competition and thinks she won Gold haha!!

my Micros were amazing i love these cuties!!

Jett is so freaken funny one of kevs b-day cards had a bear on it and thats the face that the bear made and he kept doing it over and over again!!

Sweetnees does this to me everytime i sit on the stairs so crazy!!!

we went skiing i am getting much better haha sort of!!

and Kevin every year at midnight on new years he does his back tuck here it is i wonder how much longer he will be able to do this i guess we will have to see!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas was so much fun this year! I know it is fun every year but this year I felt like it meant a lot more to me because Kevin and i decided to not get anything for each other because we recently bought a house! so I felt like I got the chance to really think about the Christ side of Christmas and it meant a lot!! But then the day after Christmas we got a puppy her name is Sweetness!!! She is a doll and a pretty good puppy! she is now nine weeks old!
But we spent Christmas with my family this year and it was fun as usual!!

Grandma and grandpa Lamb

Jett was a little excited!!

Sweet GG 99 years old!!

And my grandma and grandpa Rhodes

Andy haha

My dad got a snuggy haha

And the cutest thing of all under the tree!!!

Starburst christmas party

We and a party just at the studio this year for my team they all brought a hat to exchange and it was so fun I love teaching the little ones because they are still so innocent and sweet I must say I do LOVE my job!!!!


Well I am a super big slacker!!! I guess I have been so busy that i didn't even notice how behind I was on my blog! well here I go! Well i preformed in Lehi for family week the week of thanksgiving with Alex Boye and it was a great experience! Then we had a party with my family because my aunt and uncle were in town that we have not seen for like five years!! Then it was Kevins year for thanksgiving so we went up to his parents house and had lots of fun there I just love all of my family!!!!

I have so much to be grateful for this year and every year!!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween,friends,weddings busy busy busy!

So we have been so busy and our computer was down for a while so i have lots of random pics so bare with my craziness!!!

Here is me and kev carving our pumpkins!!!so fun!

Cute kay ray and ry ry

Kev is a kid him self haha he is in zak's football stuff.

then scott wanted to do what he was doing and then the best part about it was they couldn't get if off haha crazy boys!!

my super cute nephews!!!

Kaylee's wedding

Cute Rian

Our friends from Arizona were here and we got to go to lunch with them!! It was so much fun to see them I had not seen them since I was 15 so almost 10 years! Thanks for coming it was great to see you guys!!

when we first started dating