Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kynslee's Birthday

It is my niece Kynslee's birthday today! She would be a year old! She passed away five months ago from several heat defects!! She is such a sweet little girl and i love and miss her dearly!! i am still amazed everyday by the strength of my brother and sister in law. They are such an example of faith. I love them so much. Ben and Teea your amazing. they were strong through the whole thing and still are. They knew that the lord would help them threw anything they needed. I love you guys and happy birthday Kyns


Teea Lamb said...

Thank you Heidi! You are so good to us! We love ya!

Tiff said...

Oh yea I didn't no you had a blog - figures doesn't everyone - j/k!!! your bridal pics are gorgeous!!!

Jaime said...

Yea Heidi,
I just figured out you had a blog and I thought I would say "Hi". This has been such a fun way to keep in touch since we don't see each other very often anymore.

Love, Jaime

A.J. Johnson:A Family Company said...

I don't know how else to get my blog addie to you... here it is.. jenn

when we first started dating