Tuesday, September 16, 2008

kids say the funniest things

As everyone knows i teach dance and i teach a lot of the little ones. So you can imagine the things i hear everyday!! well i was cleaning a number with my three and four year olds and i was getting upset because they were not listening to what i was saying and just in their own little worlds like most three year olds are. And in the middle of me yelling at them for not listening one of them raised their hands and said "I love you miss Heidi." i couldn't be mad anymore. Thats one reason i love teaching i get to hear all the cute thing little kids say!!!


Royce said...

we live in fullerton which is right by anaheim! we live about 15 minutes from disneyland thats why we have so many pictures from there!! we will be here for 4 years which i'm ok with because we love it here!! thats fun that you still teach dance!! i have been great..i love being a mom it is so much fun and grace is so good! if you ever want to get away you should come visit that would be so fun!!!

Nicholas, Natalie, Talee Bug & Aubree said...

Hey Heidi, so I hope you don't mind but I found your blog and you and Kevin are so cute! This is Natalie Ganem from back in the day (Tempe10thWard). You are so cute! If you want to see my blog I would love to sent you a envite. Just email me at nickandnat05@yahoo.com!

Hoover Family said...

cute Heidi I love those things!

DeGraffenried's said...

Hi Heidi! I found you off of Emily's blog. Hope you don't mind. Mackley said "that's my teacher!" when she saw you!


The Bennions said...

That is so cute! I miss being at the studio! How are things with Starburst this year? Art with Heart is coming up so fast...but I know that they (and you) will be great! Miss you.

Seth & Kirie said...

Heidi Lou! Your lovely mother told me you had a blog...so I did some stalking for a bit to find you :)

Also...that is pretty much the most adorable thing I have ever heard. Little kids are so hilarious!

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