Thursday, September 11, 2008

kevin is out of town!!

Kevin has been out of town since sunday and i am so ready for him to be home!! i miss him so much!! yes i know i know i am still a newly wed!!! but he comes home tomorrow night and i am so happy!!! but i have spent the week at my mom and dad's because i don't like to be alone! haha. but it has been fun to spend time with them again!!


Hoover Family said...

You did it! Yeah. now you can leave comments too! I hate it when hubbies are gone no fun at all.

royce & aubree said...

heidi!!! i'm so glad you have a blog now!! you look gorgeous in your wedding pictures and you and your hubby are so cute!! i miss you!! we are living in southern california now so if you are ever down here we should hang out!! what are you up to? i miss you!! we have a blog too it is so you should check it out!! love you!

Teea Lamb said...

Hey cute blog! I love the picture of Kyns, thanks for putting that on there! It means alot. Love ya!

Amanda said...

Yahoo! You got a blog!! Sorry Kevin is gone. I know what that feels like. Not fun!

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