Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer fun!!

We went to Bear Lake fro a little family Reunion on kev's side it was lots of fun i have always loved camping!! But the cold i have never loved too much. it is freaken August and we had to wear wet suites one day because it was like 50 and raining but i was a trouper and went on the jet ski we rented!! thanks everyone for spending time with us!!! it was a blast

kev worken it out on the jet ski he's looking good

what a dork but i love him

the vampires ethen and mase

Kev and i also got to spend a night with my brother and sis in law at her families cabin it was so fun i love my big bor and his sweet wife i am so glad that he is married toher she is the best!! love ya Teea (ooh and you too ben haha )


Brenda said...

What a fun trip! So glad we were part of it! You guys are awesome! And we miss you so much! We'll see you soon! Love ya!

Debra Goodey said...

Wow, looks like fun!

DaNiEl & ShAnDi said...

How fun Heid! Looks freezing too. haha. I'm glad you had your wetsuits. :)

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