Friday, July 24, 2009

Lots of things to post!!!!

So I have been super busy the summer is more crazy for me than the school year!! Not only do I teach dance but I also teach swimming lessons. So needless to say I have had a ton going on so this is a random post of all the things that have been going on here.

For mothers day I gave my mom a pedi. So we made it into a girls day and Em and Jaylee came with us!! I am so grateful for all of them!

Then Kev did another bodybuilding show and this time he took second!! I am so proud he worked so hard and looks great!!!! love ya babe

Emily and I took our great grandma to see singing in the rain!! It was a blast and it was great that we could spend time with GG she is almost 99!!!!

we had our nephew's birthday party at our hose they had a food fight and had a blast they are so stinkin cute!!!

the before pic





We went to the Lehi Rodeo and had a blast with my family!!

For the fourth of July we went to the Provo parade then to seven peaks and then had a bbq and saw fireworks it was a blast!! Kevin's brother Scott and his family came and spent it with us thanks guys!! we love ya

we make the kids workout haha jk

I spent my birthday in cali with jazz club for nationals. Jaylee went with me to Disneyland for a few hours on mu birthday then when I got back we Had a party at my mom's house for me thanks everyone!!!!

I have had a lot of fun this summer and I promise I will be better about posting from now on
(I hope)


DaNiEl & ShAnDi said...

What a blast! I'm glad you finally posted. =0) A girl can't wait that long in between posts to find out whats going on...oh wait..we could hang out and then we could find out whats going on faster. Lets try that!!

Kirie said...

It's about time you updated!

I love that you took GG to Singing in the Rain! I love her!!! Everytime I see lemonheads I think of her...I swear she always had a bag!

Also - way to go Kevin! That is such hard work - please tell me you don't go on the crazy diet with him...there is no way I could do that!

Ty and Dani said...

It looks like you have been doing so much. and I have been waiting for you to post! I am so glad that we can be blogging back and forth. I miss all our good times hanging out and living together. It really was a blast. You were the best big sister I never had.

Debra Goodey said...

So glad to see a new post. It looks like you had a fabulous summer. Thanks for being such a great swim teacher. Justin and Ryan made such great progress. We will be back again next summer.

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