Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween,friends,weddings busy busy busy!

So we have been so busy and our computer was down for a while so i have lots of random pics so bare with my craziness!!!

Here is me and kev carving our pumpkins!!!so fun!

Cute kay ray and ry ry

Kev is a kid him self haha he is in zak's football stuff.

then scott wanted to do what he was doing and then the best part about it was they couldn't get if off haha crazy boys!!

my super cute nephews!!!

Kaylee's wedding

Cute Rian

Our friends from Arizona were here and we got to go to lunch with them!! It was so much fun to see them I had not seen them since I was 15 so almost 10 years! Thanks for coming it was great to see you guys!!

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DaNiEl & ShAnDi said...

So So So fun! Your pumpkins look awesome!

Thanks for playing with me the last two days. You both are so much fun to be around.

when we first started dating