Thursday, January 15, 2009

my crazy husband

So Kevin thinks he is really funny and he has been playing with his facial hair. first he cut the fu man choo i hated it now he just had the stash i hate that too i told him he looks like my dad! haha although he is crazy i still love that guy!! there is not much more he can do to it so i hope it's gone! haha what a goof and ps yes he did go to church looking like this!! please no one encourage this behavior one of his friends at work was trying to convince him to have a Hitler one next!!he will do it help a sista out


Seth & Kirie said...

he did rock the handle-bar mustache :) wow heidi...i'm so happy seth can't even grow facial hair! haha.

Royce said...

wow your husband can grow some mad facial hair haha very funny pictures!! i'm sad you are coming to california in july cause we'll be in washington but hopefully we can figure out some way to hang out someday!!!

Missy said...

How funny:) He could definately be Hulk Hogan for Halloween if he wanted.

Malinda Ball said...

Yes, Kevin get rid of that! I gotta help Heidi with this one:)

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