Saturday, May 23, 2009


i have been really bad lately and not had the chance to blog! i have taken many pitchers but never put them up so here we go to the few of you who like to look at my blog! this one is all about dance!! haha that's all my life is about lets be honest! but we had our last competition and the girls did extremely well i was so proud they even were in the top ten and got a lighting gold on the production #!! this is them with all the trophies they won!

we also had the year end skating party and we did blast from the past! everyone looked great! i dont know what i was thinking that day and i love emily's mohawk

and then my girls i teach on starburst worked hard to earn a part and we did a pj party we played games and watched the yearend concert and had fun on our last day of dance i love you girls i am so sad that i wont be teaching all of you next year but so happy that you have improved and moved up!! thanks to you moms for letting me be a part of you cute girls life!!!

when we first started dating