Tuesday, November 25, 2008

worst date ever tag

so emily tagged me to tell my worst date ever. this is a hard one because i have been on some real winners! haha but my top ones were... my bothers friend bryce set me up with one of his friends and that was one weird guy. he told me how he loves the smell of skunks and had a ton of random facts. and told me how you are supposed to dance at raves then when he dropped me off he barley stopped at my house said well by reached over me and opened my car door! i just had to laugh. another one wow this one was pretty bad we went to dinner then bowling by then i was done. he loved math i mean LOVED math he said that he thought that math was a language all by its self and he could speak it fluently. wow then after bowling he asked what i wanted to do and i said i am pretty tired i want to go home. so we got on the freeway and went the opposite direction and he went to his apartment and i was so mad he turned on a movie and kept trying to sit closer and closer and i was pretty much on the arm of the couch and i said i am so tried and he said just another hour till the movie is over! i never went out with him again!

But my all time worst date was it was a blind date. my friends mom from arizona set me up and we went to dinner i thought he was ok pretty cool ya know. but he then took me to cabbellas and we walked around for 2 hours!! then when we went outside it was raining and he talked to some random person while i was standing in the rain. then we noticed his tire was flat and he didn't know how to change it so i had to! what a nerd!!!
this was a lot of fun!! i tag ben, shandi, aub, and danni

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

my cute nephews

they are so much fun!! we played outside and then watched air buddies and had popcorn!!!

emily had to work last friday and i had the day off so i told her i would watch the boys while she worked so they didn't have to go to the studio. so here is some cute pics of our fun times!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


so kevin and i got put in primary!we are the ctr 5 teachers. So i was thinking well this wont be bad i am used to teaching five year olds that's what i do all the time!!!! Well we have some VERY naughty kids in our class. well 2 VERY naughty kids. the first is a girl who keeps telling everyone in the class including us that she is not our friend and we are not cool! then she showed me what her Bird finger was. Then the other is a little boy that hit a little girl in our class and when kev told him not to do that he then asked kevin if he wants to get punched!! needless to say i am so grateful for my good girls i teach at dance and i will be doing a lot of praying every time before i go to church so they will be good heaven help us!!!

when we first started dating