Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas was so much fun this year! I know it is fun every year but this year I felt like it meant a lot more to me because Kevin and i decided to not get anything for each other because we recently bought a house! so I felt like I got the chance to really think about the Christ side of Christmas and it meant a lot!! But then the day after Christmas we got a puppy her name is Sweetness!!! She is a doll and a pretty good puppy! she is now nine weeks old!
But we spent Christmas with my family this year and it was fun as usual!!

Grandma and grandpa Lamb

Jett was a little excited!!

Sweet GG 99 years old!!

And my grandma and grandpa Rhodes

Andy haha

My dad got a snuggy haha

And the cutest thing of all under the tree!!!


PJ - Our life said...

Looks like you had an awesome Christmas!! Sweetness is adorable!!

Deena said...

What a great way to celebrate Christmas! Your puppy is super cute! I love dogs!

DaNiEl & ShAnDi said...

Cute pics Heid! Thanks for letting us play with you guys for New Years.

Ben Lamb said...

Andy is a Dork!!!

Bren + Lucy said...

So much time to re-connect with you

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