Tuesday, January 27, 2009


we went and visited scott and brenda it as so much fun to hang out with them. we went on a little adventure. scott jayden kev and me went to the monument that is right by their house and of course kev had to go exploring and found a tunnel and climbed through it and we all went to the other side but when we got there we found that it was a little well thing that he would have to climb up haha he got all wet! he thinks he is Indiana Jones or something

Kevin's 30!!!

well my husband is 30!! he was not so excited about it. when i was putting the candles on the cake he said are you kidding me you have to use three packages to have enough to put on the cake! haha but i think he had a good birthday. we had everyone over to our house and had a bbq and cake and ice cream. then this past weekend we went and visited his brother scott and brenda that was lots of fun to talk and spend time with their family! thanks for having us! and ps he shaved!!!!!!! i am so happy! well happy birthday babe

Thursday, January 15, 2009

my crazy husband

So Kevin thinks he is really funny and he has been playing with his facial hair. first he cut the fu man choo i hated it now he just had the stash i hate that too i told him he looks like my dad! haha although he is crazy i still love that guy!! there is not much more he can do to it so i hope it's gone! haha what a goof and ps yes he did go to church looking like this!! please no one encourage this behavior one of his friends at work was trying to convince him to have a Hitler one next!!he will do it help a sista out

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years

we had a really fun new years! we went to my aunt kathy's. we played games and just loved being in the company of family! we all slept up there and ben teea me and kevin all slept in the same room haha it was just like the good old days!!! lots of fun!!

this was the winners they all won something because they were so creative!!!! thanks so much girls for coming we loved having you over!! i love you

this was their evening wear


so I had my nieces Jaylee and TaeLor, my cousin Hannah and friend Sammy sleep over at my house! they had a ton of fun!! and i did watching them it took me back to my sleepover days and made me smile! they did a silly pageant and had to make up a talent and find out fits for their talent and evening wear and we interviewed them. Kevin and I were the judges and they were VERY creative!

when we first started dating