Tuesday, December 30, 2008

this year we spent christmas with kevin's family! we split our holidays thats what works for us! it was a lot of fun! lisa and troy's family was there and byron and his kids and his parents! we stayed up in roy from tuesday to sunday his nephew's homecoming was on sunday so with the weather being bad we decided to stay up there and we went sleading too!


i set my friend kristy up with another friend and we all went bowling and had a wonderful time!!! we played a game that we couldn't bowl normal we did all kinds of crazy things and who ever won the frame got to pick what we did!! thanks kirie seth kristy nate and of course my wonderful hubby for a fun night!!!!!

Kevin's nephew just came home from his mission from Africa! i had never met him we started dating after he left. so it was fun to meet him!

birthdays homecommings sleading and christmas

so i have been really bad about posting so i have a ton to write about but i think i will just do the pics instead!!

when we first started dating